Pedestrian Geometries

Pedestrian Geometries lines eight blocks of 3rd Street from the Austin Convention Center to Shoal Creek. Comprised of six iconic geometric forms the 25 hand-cut glazed brick sculptures change in scale, color and pattern from block to block, marking 3rd Street as a unique stretch of downtown Austin. The sculptures highlight the integrity and history of the brick, but in their use of 35 unique colors, cut and laid in geometric patterns, they will also suggest other material surfaces like textiles and paintings with their complex and varied surfaces.

Pedestrian Geometries aims to marry the architectural monumentalism of Egyptian and Mayan ancient pyramids with the geometric modernism of 20th century sculptures, echoing in their geometry and repetition some of the works of Texas’s favorite modernist, Donald Judd.

Commissioned by the City of Austin’s Art in Public Places, 2015.