Light Shift

Light Shift was created in 2020 for Moody Center for the Arts’ West façade windows with transparent and opaque strips of overlapping vinyl that spans almost 100 feet.

For many of us, suddenly stuck at home during the pandemic, the views outside our window, our backyards and parks have become even more important to us. I loved hearing how Rice University’s campus had become like a neighborhood park with nearby residents enjoying the beautiful lawns and created an installation that aimed to enhance this experience.

Using the standard 24-inch and 12-inch rolls of transparent and opaque vinyl and the rhythm of the windows, the play between the materials and architecture creates a playful pattern of color. Light Shift embraces a painterly approach with a palette focused around transparent shades of green, the work is reminiscent in some ways of the filtered, dappled summer light that reflects the experience of being outside, under tree canopy during a Texas summer day, but transforms at night to be a glowing spectrum of color that spans the building.