Jungle Transmission

Like radio communications sent deep from a remote location, interrupted and overlaid with layers of noise and sound, Jungle Transmission includes recent paintings compact with color, pattern and imagery that moves over and against themselves. Images of dark tropical forest, knotted with foliage and planes of dense patterning that hold hidden images of ambiguous cut symbols emerge from canvasses textured with layers of cut pattern and inlayed symbols. The multiple layers of surface simultaneously come together to form a contained but disrupted surface.

The recent paintings are interested in geometric abstraction, decoration, repetition and their intersection with representations of nature and natural forms. The work explores utopic ideals of beauty and structure, meeting with the chaos of chance and process.

The exhibition also includes a site-specific installation that engages the architecture of the gallery, hangs from the ceiling and off the walls. Combining painting, found and repurposed materials, and free hanging, cut canvas shapes, the installation is complex and exuberant, complimenting the free-standing paintings and offering an experience that is akin to being inside one.

Presented at Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX in 2017.