A Narrow Escape From History

A Narrow Escape From History was presented at Big Medium Gallery in Austin, TX in 2015. The exhibition presented a new body of paintings, as well as a space-specific installation that spanned the width of the gallery and reached from ceiling to floor.

The paintings presented are labor-intensive, with dense surfaces of cut and layered canvas. The finished works reveal a collision of patterns, layers and shapes coming together, similar to a visual puzzle, forming a dense surface that is both complex and exuberant.

The installation elements embraced the gallery front window, creating a beckoning veil with strips of vinyl adhesive, painted strips of canvas and other talismans. Shifting the scale from intimate painting to architectural intervention, the exhibition displayed a playful hand and an aim to engage the mind and the eye, creating paintings and an exhibition experience that balance a serious formalism with an indulgence in color and pattern.