Night + Day

Night and Day was an exhibition presented at the Galveston Art Center in 2019. The show included recent cut canvas paintings that are compact with color and pattern, as well as a number of space-specific installation elements. Including a series of 5 painted garden arches, festooned with braided rope, decorations and good luck charms that … Continued

A Narrow Escape From History

A Narrow Escape From History was presented at Big Medium Gallery in Austin, TX in 2015. The exhibition presented a new body of paintings, as well as a space-specific installation that spanned the width of the gallery and reached from ceiling to floor. The paintings presented are labor-intensive, with dense surfaces of cut and layered … Continued

Furthest West

In Furthest West, presented at The Contemporary Austin in 2013, an interest in traditional craft and textiles, gendered labor, and modernist architecture and furniture is brought together, creating a colorful, painterly installation within and beyond the Gatehouse Gallery at Laguna Gloria. Developed through a hybrid practice of painting and sculpture, the work treads the line … Continued

Jungle Transmission

Like radio communications sent deep from a remote location, interrupted and overlaid with layers of noise and sound, Jungle Transmission includes recent paintings compact with color, pattern and imagery that moves over and against themselves. Images of dark tropical forest, knotted with foliage and planes of dense patterning that hold hidden images of ambiguous cut … Continued